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What's YOUR Goal?



If you live in the Toronto area, finding the right personal trainer can be challenging – especially since we all have different goals! Some of us want to be stronger, some healthier, others want to see less of themselves when looking in a mirror.

So where do you begin?

With Me! My training approach is not one size fits all. Many trainers are qualified to train, but few understand that to successfully reach your goals without giving up, you need to change the way you think about achieving them.

Your health and fitness goals become my goals

I’ll teach you healthy and safe techniques that fit your lifestyle. I meet one on one with all my clients to determine their goals, fitness level and lifestyle. I then design a program specifically for you so that it fits into your life.
When working as your personal trainer I focus on:

  • Continuous assessment and evaluation of your physical condition
  • Setting goals that work for you, both short and long term
  • Creation of a nutritional plan to improve your long-term health and eating habits
  • Strength training techniques to ensure positive and progressive results.

I hope to make the often difficult task of finding a trainer that ‘gets’ your individual goals and knows how to help you achieve them easier.

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