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Nutrition Counselling

Nutrition Councelling

Your body is what you put it into it.  As simple as that comment seems, there is a lot more involved. Similar to owning a high end car, the fuel needs to match the expected maintenance and result. I provide lifestyle guidelines to my clients. I can work with vegetarians and people with allergies to help fuel the body for any performance requirement. My approach has always been 3 pronged. Nutrition, strength and conditioning – in that order. Nutrition provides the foundation that fuels the others. Let me create a custom plan for you, so that you can achieve your goals and reach a sustainable balance.

Client Testimonials

“Anthony is a trainer who understands the unique needs of the boomer generation. If you are over 50, or 60, or beyond, you will want and need a guide who can help you to achieve your fitness goals without hurting you. It’s rare to find a patient, friendly, knowledgable, experienced, and dedicated trainer, one who is sensitive to the ins and outs of aging, and yet will stay focused on helping you to become and stay your best. Anthony also works with athletes of all ages as well as people with various limitations and disabilities. I recommend his personalized service” *

Y.A. – Toronto

“I’ve been training with Anthony for a couple of years. I suffered with chronic back pain for as long as I can remember. He’s the only trainer I’ve ever had who has helped me strengthen my back muscles through the correct exercises and thanks to him, I no longer have back problems.” *

R.F. – Toronto

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