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Rehabilitation and Injury Recovery

Throughout my career I have worked with some of the best physiotherapists and kinesiologists around. I specialize in working with injuries as simple as a sore back, sore shoulders or sore knees. I also have extensive experience with car accident victims and people dealing with debilitating conditions. I have over 22 years of experience in the industry working with people from all walks of life. Whether it is stretching and strengthening or even improving basic movements, I can help.

Client Testimonials

“Anthony helped me with rehab from a car accident in a huge way. With his guidance I’ve overcome a lot of leg and back pain for which I’m eternally grateful. Losing weight and learning how to live healthy has also been an awesome side effect of working with him!” *

J.S. – Toronto

“I’ve been training with Anthony for a couple of years. I suffered with chronic back pain for as long as i can remember. He’s the only trainer I’ve ever had who has helped me strengthen my back muscles through the correct exercises and thanks to him, I no longer have back problems.” *

R.F. – Toronto

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