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Clients have been nice enough to say....

Clients have been nice enough to say….

“I had been trying to lose weight for years, never succeeding. After training with Anthony for only 6 months, not only have I lost 15lbs and inches everywhere but my doctor has taken me off blood pressure medication! Thanks Anthony!” *

B.W. Toronto

“Anthony has not only made me look great but he has educated me on training and given me the tools for lifelong healthy habits.” *

S.T. Toronto

“I thought over 40 meant never seeing my waist again. Anthony showed me how to find it.” *

S.O. Toronto

“Anthony helped me to get in shape for my wedding. The workouts were a great stress reliever and I looked awesome in my dress.” *

L.B. – Toronto

“I am very grateful to have found Anthony as a personal trainer and I highly recommend him. I played NCAA tennis at college in New York and Anthony really helped me to become one of the strongest players on court. Anthony is extremely knowledgeable, personable and attentive. He focused on the specific muscles required for tennis and that helped me progress as an athlete. Thanks Anthony!” *

L.G. – Toronto



“I would highly recommend Anthony as a personal trainer. Right away, he took time to really understand what my fitness goals were and designed a program that worked. He made sure to track progress regularly so he could adjust the program as needed to remain effective. Most impressively, when I moved away from the area, Anthony offered to remain available to support my fitness goals. Whenever I reached out with questions, he was very responsive and made a real effort to help even from a distance.” *

A.W. Toronto

“Anthony is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to fitness. I have learnt a lot from him during my time with him. You don’t have to be worried about getting stuck with a trainer who shoves bro-science down your throat. Your plan will be made based on what you want to achieve and he will also make sure that you enjoy what you’re doing!” *

U.A. Toronto

“Anthony has helped my with my MS. He has been a strong and solid person helping me relearn basic movements like driving my wheelchair. He has also set up a training regimen for my physiotherapists and staff members to aid my daily care. I am very grateful he is my trainer.” *

C.K. Toronto

“Excellent Trainer that will push you to be your best self! He’ll give you the tools to work with your strengths and weaknesses and achieve your goals” *

M.A. – Toronto


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