Be Strong. Feel Great.

October // Issue 9                

Healthier in the fall!

Its harvest time again…my favorite time of year!

This year I’ve been particularly busy podding beans, roasting peppers and bottling tomato sauce for healthier food preservation.

Though it is a lot of work, there is no better enjoyment than having fresh food throughout the winter.

I encourage all of you to head to the local farm and speak with your farmer about his/her produce and ways to preserve them.

Keep your eye open for Ontario products in your supermarket….you won’t be disappointed.

A KM A Day

Consistency is the key to long term success.

Over the past 15 years or so, I’ve trained quite a few people. I’ve witnessed many successes and some failures. One thing that seems to hold true is the patient long term approach to health and fitness tends to succeed in the end.

The best success is one that is not temporary. Most people want immediate results. Sometimes they achieve it. But over time you’d be amazed how many people revert back to old habits and unfortunately the old body they were trying to change.

This is why my approach has evolved to the “a little bit every day concept” as the best solution to better health.

The km a day run is something I’ve been doing for the past 6 months or so in an effort to drop some weight without over training or over dieting. The results have been steady. I’m down 15 solid pounds and it only takes me 5-10 min to do!

Surprisingly enough…the 5-10 min a day of cardio helps to curb appetite and definitely speeds up the old metabolism.

If running isn’t your thing…try a 20min walk…and remember consistency is the key to long term success!

Nifty At Fifty….And Beyond!!

Getting older can be physically challenging at the best of times. The metabolism slows and strength seems to diminish rather quickly. Dietary adjustments and strength training become even more important. Here are some tips to help battle the aging process:

1. Starch and sugar reduction

2. Get moving-try the 5-10min a day approach

3. Strength training-even just half an hr 2x per week can produce great results!

Keep in mind that as the body ages, bone density and muscle deterioration become more serious issues. A sound diet and exercise regimen become that much more important. It can take as little as two half hour training sessions per week to once again be strong and feel great!

Dietary Tips For Weight Loss

Eating to lose weight can be summed up pretty easily in these 5 steps…

1. Create a small caloric debt everyday!

2. Eat more earlier in the day and go to bed a little bit hungry.

3. Eat starch and sugars earlier and proteins and essential fats   later.

4. Stay hydrated…often you’re not hungry…you’re thirsty.

5. Eat to move. Could I get up and move after eating this meal?

If this sounds like pretty common knowledge…it is! The trick is in the application!

Freezing Beans

This year I decided to preserve Romano beans for the first time. Here are the farmer’s directions:

1. Selecting ripe beans. After they’ve been picked leave them out for up to week for maturation.

2. Pod beans – disregard small or rotted beans

3. Rinse and strain

4. Vacuum seal desired portion and freeze.

Cooking them is relatively simple – just boil until soft and add desired seasoning.


Well that’s all for this edition!

If there any questions….please feel free to email me at:

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Anthony Corrado, Personal Trainer, Toronto