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Spring Forward

This is my favourite season of the year…the trees are budding and the birds are singing…. a perfect time to start enjoying activities in the great outdoors.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors!

With the weather being as nice as it is…I’m going to focus the first part of this newsletter on outdoor activities and the amount of calories they burn.

Here is a small chart;

Walking                                            Approximately:  

  • slowly                                          200 cal/hr
  • moderately                                  300 cal/hr           
  • briskly                                         400 cal/hr


  • slowly                                          300 cal/hr
  • moderately                                  650 cal/hr
  • briskly                                          850 cal/hr


  • light jog                                      650 cal/hr
  • moderately                                1000 cal/hr
  • fast                                            1300 cal/hr


  • light                                         600 cal/hr
  • moderately                              700 cal/hr
  • fast                                          800 cal/hr

 Golf                                                   400 cal/hr

 Tennis                                               650 cal/hr


Any of the above outdoor activities would be a great way to enjoy the sunshine and keep healthy.

Recap of the Previous Newsletter

The last newsletter focused on the different types of muscle fibres and how they were stimulated.

Though it may seem a little confusing, the main point is to understand that the type of activities we do can ultimately determine the way we look and perform.

Note:  since the composition of muscle fibres is predetermined at birth, some people are better suited for different activities and need to be trained differently for best results.

 If you would like a copy of the previous newsletter, please feel free to contact me.

 Energy Systems and Activity

Ok, I’m going to keep this as simple as possible.

I will touch on the energy systems used in different activities and how they can benefit fat loss or muscle gain.

When beginning any activity your body will burn these fuels in this order:

 0-15 Seconds — Sugar

15 Seconds — 2 Minutes — Lactic Acid

2 Min + – Fat

That’s it!

Here’s an example to clarify:

Let’s say you were walking…you would have to walk for 2 minutes or longer to start burning fat as a primary fuel.

Or if you were weight training…’d usually stop your set prior to 2 minutes and usually prior to 15 seconds so you’d be burning sugar as a primary fuel.

The one thing to note is that this only applies to consistent motions. So once you stop the movement or change motions, you revert back to the beginning, burning sugar again.

Understanding this concept allows to plan proper nutrition and activity selection to maximize your results.

Well that’s it for this edition. The next one will touch on fuelling the body for fat loss and performance.

 If there are any questions…please feel free to email me at:

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Anthony Corrado, Personal Trainer, Toronto




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