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A word from Anthony

Welcome back! With summer dwindling down and most vacations coming to an end, the return to everyday life and routine usually results in more people working out.

This article focuses on starting back safely and recovering from those first few dreaded workouts.

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Anthony Corrado, personal trainer

Getting back into it… Safely

Far too often I’ve seen people working out for the time in a long time attempting too much too soon.

Here are some tips to avoid damaging your body:

Warm up for longer than usual. The body needs time to lubricate and a warm muscle is a looser one.

Perform 1-2 sets of an exercise and take it to a comfortable fatigue.

Do not perform more then one exercise per body part. Excessive damage to the muscle will hinder the body’s ability to recover.

Spend more time stretching.

Cool down with some long slow cardio. The cardio after the workout will assist in removing and at least circulating some of the toxin built up in the muscle.

The key to getting back to regular exercise is to ramp up intensity week after week in a patient but steady manner.  Following these tips will insure your progress is not halted by a senseless injury.

Recovering from muscle soreness

So you did too much! Stairs are not your friend and even getting out of bed was a nightmare. Believe it or not this happens to the best of us for a variety of reasons. Even someone in shape can feel irregular soreness from trying out new things. Well here are some tips that have proven to help reduce the discomfort:

Get moving! Active recovery, as simple as walking, will get the body flushing out toxins.

Do a lighter version of the workout that put you in this predicament. This will re-exercise the sore muscles and remove at least some of the toxin. Remember the objective here is to loosen up the body with exercise, not re-traumatize it… Go light and easy!

Hot tub or sauna. Sit, soak and relax! A warm muscle is a loose muscle.

Usually when people are sore the inclination is to do nothing. This actually allows the toxin to fester in the muscle and it will get worse.

Seasonal Produce

Tis the season to eat hearty!

This is my favorite time of year.  Everyday I walk my property and check out what is growing and ripening in the garden.

I had asparagus since June, raspberries in June and July and now tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.

I eat 95% vegetables this time of year. My body weight usually comes down, my immune system feels rejuvenated and my system as a whole cleanses.

Even if you don’t have a garden, most markets and commercial food chains offer locally grown food. Nothing tastes better then fresh produce. So support your local farmers and start enjoying the harvest season.

Bon appetite!

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Tips to bolster your immune system

Flu season is here! One thing I’ve done in the past to help protect against the flu was to add E-3 live into my diet. E-3 live is a blue/green algae from Oregon. It is loaded with chlorophyll and has really worked for me. Also don’t forget your daily vitamins and minerals. It is always a good idea to see your health food store to load up on some immune system bolstering supplements this time of year!

That’s it for this issue. I hope I’ve left you with a better understanding of making the most of your health.


Anthony Corrado, Personal Trainer, Toronto

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