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Spring Fever

Spring is in the air. Unfortunately, so is another cold and flu season.

Here are some tips to avoid the dreaded bug:

1) Air out the house – stale air and stuffiness are a primary cause of cold and flu. Opening the windows for a few hours allows for fresh air and better circulation.

2) Get outside – aside from airing out the house a long winter of hibernation can suppress the immune system. A little activity and fresh air can really help bolster both morale and your immune system.

3) Hit the weights — not only does weight training strengthen the body it also has an amazing bolstering effect on the immune system.

These simple tips coupled with sound nutritional and sanitary habits, should help keep away the dreaded flu.

Training the Hip, Back and Rotator Cuff

Three of the most common injuries that occur in regular life revolve around these regions.

The reason: weak tendons and muscles.

Here is a story from early on in my workout days:

“So, I walked in the door of Mack’s gym. It was exactly what I expected, a dark and dingy gym filled with massive amounts of weight. I was greeted by Mack Miya a former world strongman and owner of the gym.

Mack was about 80 years old at the time and built like a teenager on steroids. He sold me on the line “when you are in the subway holding on to the rail, wouldn’t it be nice to have huge bulging biceps for the girls to see” being 18 and full of testosterone, he could not have chosen better words of motivation. So it began.

I came in to meet Mack the next day for some instruction. I was expecting to train some guy muscles like chest, biceps and stuff. To my surprise he lead me through all lower back, hip and other structural muscle building exercises.

After the workout I asked him “why the hell did I just do this stuff, I want to be huge!” His response was we have to build a foundation of strength in your core and stabilizing muscles first. Don’t worry about vanity that comes later. Worry about your posture, structure and stability.

Needless to say I really did not want to hear this but he was the pro and his gym had been producing great bodies for over 50 years so I figured he must know something. This was the start of my education.”

Mack’s attention to finite muscles really helped to shape my philosophy of balanced, structural training.

The majority of my clients are over 40 years old. Funny enough, it seems to be these muscles that need the most attention. There is an old saying “the weakest link on the chain breaks first”. This is definitely applicable to the body.

Working with a Fitness Professional

When dealing with injuries or chronic pain it is best to work with a variety of health professionals. I have witnessed incredible results in my clients when my work was assisted with regular massage therapy, chiropractics and other professionals. Keep in mind; the path to health and well being is best served when the best are working for you.

That’s it for this issue. I hope I’ve left you with a better understanding of making the most of your health.

Anthony Corrado. Personal Trainer, Toronto.

[email protected]