What are you training for? Are you just wasting time? Don’t fall for these common myths…

I’ve often been baffled when watching people work out. Generally there is no rhyme or reason for the order of exercises, tempo, or technique being used. I think sometimes people forget that they are altering the balance of the body when working out.

Would you indiscriminately open the hood of your car and start playing with things without speaking with a professional first? Then why your body?

This article is designed to address three common mistakes and help you to know how to train to achieve your goals.

Myth #1

Doing countless abdominal exercises will flatten your belly.


Cardio and diet will burn the fat around your midsection and most every exercise cause contraction of the abdominal muscles….so excessive exercises for the abdominals will not burn the fat around the midsection resistance exercises burn sugar as a primary fuel not fat!

Myth #2

Females should not weight train because they will get bulky


Building muscle as a female is difficult as it is. Females do not have the hormones necessary to grow muscles at the rate of a male. Secondly, resistance training greatly increases metabolism so it will actually help in the reduction of the body. Finally weight training greatly reduces the risk of osteoporosis and spinal problems, so it is a must for females.

Myth #3

Aerobics classes burn fat.


Aerobics classes are rarely aerobic at all. They tend to actually be anaerobic, meaning they burn sugar as a primary furl. Fat burns with long, steady, consistent motions that last longer than 2 minutes. Most aerobic classes change motions to frequently to ever tap into your oxidative system. They burn almost exclusively sugar.

A 40 minute walk would be far more efficient at burning fat than an aerobics class.

Hopefully, these tips have helped to dispel some myths and answer the question “what are you training for?”