Be Strong. Feel Great.

A word from Anthony

Summer is here — and time to show off the better body you’ve been working for.

In this issue, I’d like to share a case study with you, one with amazing yet simple to achieve results.

And I’ll also let you in on the trick to a long term fit and lean body, based on cyclic training, designed and targeted to the season.

Here’s to a fit and energising summer. Contact me anytime at [email protected] or call 416.317.8284.

Anthony Corrado, personal trainer

My Challenge (to all employers)

With over a century of service, Martin Merry & Reid, Toronto’s oldest insurance broker, has a strong commitment to community service. They recently went a step further looking to ensure employee health and wellness. They asked me to coach their staff to become healthier and more fit.

I worked with a group of 6 women ages 32-55, office workers in a stressful daily environment. Each of them sits most of the day at a desk, in front of a computer, and each of them avails herself of downtown lunches and snacks.

My challenge to them, and to my own training skills, was to help them lose 30 pounds collectively over 6 weeks. I also wanted to start them on lowering blood pressure and developing healthy eating habits.

We had 6 weeks, 1 trainer’s insight and guidance, and moderate motivation to start.

Incorporating exercise and healthy eating into a busy lifestyle

The women had each made an effort many times to develop a healthier lifestyle. So we needed something different, something that would stick.

Previously, they had incorporated balanced meals into their life with some physical activity. However, the goal was never reached as each of them quickly fell back into old, less effective habits.

I discovered that there were two good reasons for the past failures: lack of consistent motivation, and confusion on what the right thing to do was. So we paid special attention to consistent motivation and to learning about what to do.

The group did a great job in taking the first step to join into the exercise and healthy lifestyle regime. As a group with the challenge agreed to, they exhibited an enthusiasm that would ultimately allow them to succeed.

My services included fitness evaluation, target goal setting, instructional exercise seminars, nutrition counseling and motivational coaching. I applied my methods by conducting a weekly meeting with the participants in a group and individually.

Providing tools, knowledge and motivation to the group to reach the challenge goal

I started the process by conducting an individual fitness level assessment. I asked each participant to set a personal goal to be achieved in the 6 week time frame.

As many of the participants had never been involved in a professional fitness program previously, I began the process at a beginner’s level.

After analyzing each assessment, I created a realistic and personalize fitness regime for each woman, and I demonstrated each exercise. I developed a healthy eating program for each based on their specific dietary needs and their goals.

Reassessing to measure the results

At the end of 6 weeks, of meetings and exercise, teaching and learning about good eating habits and good exercises, we reassessed. We wanted to measure the results.

In fact, the results were outstanding.

Each participant met or exceeded her own personal goal, and was on the road to practicing a healthier lifestyle. She had the tools and the understanding, and with the consistent motivation of the challenge, she was on the way to healthier living.

I continue to work with group on a bi-weekly basis, resetting goals and keeping the team on the right path.

Sometimes, the numbers speak for themselves

Total group losses:

Total Body Fat Loss                   29%

Total Body Weight Loss            73 lbs

Total Body Fat Lost                   106 lbs

Total Inches Lost                       63.35 inches

Blood Pressure                         down across the board

Total group gains:

Total Pounds of Muscle Built     35 lbs

How this can work for you

If you know of a group of people willing and interested in having a healthier lifestyle, give me a call. I work directly with HR managers and business owners to bring this sort of experience into the work place.

The average return for every dollar spent on a wellness program is between $2.30 and $10.10.  For example: Canada Life in Toronto showed a return on investment of $3.40 on each corporate dollar invested, by reduced turnover, productivity gains, and decreased medical claims.

I’m committed to providing the best in health, wellness and active living. Implementing or joining a Wellness Program in your workplace will effectively improve interpersonal skills, reduce absenteeism, increase morale and reduce stress.

Each program is designed to ultimately improve overall physical and psychological health for you and your staff or co-workers, leading to more energy, improved wellness, and improved workplace productivity.

For more information about my corporate wellness training:


Summer Training

I tend to cycle my training to allow for my annual improvements to stand out for summer.

Let me explain. I’ve been training relatively regularly for almost 20 years. I’ve learned to cycle my training to allow me to gain more muscular weight in the winter and lean out for the warmer weather. This cycle is natural for our Toronto climate. And, like the average male, I expect to gain 5-7lbs of lean muscle each year.

Doesn’t sound like much at first until you look at the longer run: multiply over 5 years and that’s roughly 30lbs of lean muscle. The trick is in consistency and duration.

I also plan to look better each year, more lean muscle, less fat, but always at roughly the same weight each year, or just a little more. Last year I leaned out to 177lbs. I looked pretty good. This year I want a better look at 182-185lbs.

I get excited to see the improvement in my body each summer when I lean out. This is my annual motivation. You can’t do it all in one year. But over time, by making incremental progressions annually, you’ll age like a fine wine. Why don’t you join me in looking good, enjoying your workout results and feeling healthy.

That’s it for this issue. I hope I’ve left you with a better understanding of making the most of your health.

Anthony Corrado, Personal Trainer, Toronto.

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